Care Services Questions

Do you have nurses on staff?

Yes! We have RN’s, LPN’s and Nurses Aides. We provide care 24 hours a

How many residents live here?

Our maximum capacity is 120 residents. Some people are long term care residents while many are here temporarily for short term post-hospital care.

What type of training does your staff receive?

Our clinicians specifically nurses, physical therapists,
occupational therapists, speech therapists, certified nursing assistants, registered dietician, have to be licensed (is this true in virginia?) when they come to work at our center. Upon hire, they receive job-specific training at general orientation and mandatory trainings throughout the year.

Do you provide transportation to doctors’ appointments?

Yes! We offer help to set up transportation.

Are any personal care supplies or other toiletries provided?

We provide all persona supplies and toiletries. We also have beauty/barber services available by appointment. Pricing available at the salon and with our receptionist.

Other Community Questions

Is Housekeeping offered?

Yes, we have daily housekeeping who cleans and deep cleans rooms weekly.

Are laundry services offered?

Yes, laundry services are provided.

Do you provide Cable TV and Wi-Fi?

Yes, it’s included without cost.

Are visitors allowed at any time, or are there specific visiting hours?

Visiting hours are 24/7. However, after 7:30pm, the doors are secured. To get in after that time, please ring the bell and someone will assist with entrance.

Are residents encouraged to participate in activities?

Yes! The Life Enrichment Department will invite residents to activities taking place throughout the day. They are also notified of bigger events through
flyers or by personal invites. Monthly calendars are also posted thorugout the center.

How do I find out information about daily activities for me or my loved one?

The Life Enrichment
Department is dedicated to providing information to your love one and family.

Are religious services offered onsite?

We accommodate a variety of different religions.

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